Monday, March 2, 2009

And the story of the little backyard faucet that could...

There's this faucet in my backyard I wrote a post about last year. One day it basically dripped and made a most curious bottle shaped ice piece that I photographed, then the piece slid from my gloved fingers and ended up broken in hundreds of mini-ice cubes. It was a winter day very much like today, so this afternoon I went to check. Well, as it is always desirable, I had learned from my mistakes (two points!) and the faucet had not dripped a single droppp... but there's a second part to the story: incredibly enough this time around poor faucet itself was an ice piece: water had dripped from the roof on that very exact spot!!!. Well, our luck is one sometimes and there's just no escaping it, I guess. I so feel like my faucet.

Didn't want to post about this, but how could I not. To fix its non-musicality a bit I'll recommend a beautiful song and video that's been around for almost a year but I've just discovered. In a weird way it matches this post. Laleh, "Live tomorrow" (it's the one with the close up pic of her eyes).

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