Monday, August 4, 2008

Priscilla Ahn at the Tin Angel

Priscilla Ahn
A really good concert this Saturday, she was solo onstage as the bass player that usually plays with her was playing with Sia that night (Download festival). She sung for a little less than an hour to an audience that was kind of special to her (many faces she knew, as she's from Pennsylvania). The Tin angel was packed. Played many songs that weren't in her new album, like "Willow weeping", which she composed with Inara George from The bird and the bee (see below). She was incredibly nice and she let me ask her a question "in exclusive" for this blog, which is a first. This is the vid:
* Which was the turning point in your career when you realized you were going to make it?

Thanks so much to her for this.
"Willow weeping":


emily said...

Great review, and I love the videos! Thanks so much for sharing! Keep spreading Priscilla love... (:


infotaupe said...

Thanks to you!