Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Aimee Mann at the World Cafe

Aimee Mann Philadelphia

Aimee Mann, "It's not safe", from yesterday's performance:

"Calling it quits"

If any of you is attending the show tonight a few things:
*It's freezing: take a sweater, or better, take 2.
* Sold out is about 350 people seating (having dinner) and about 50 standing in the standing area at the back or downstairs by the walls
*Aimee didn't do a meet and greet, she did walk by the lobby at some point and headed upstairs but very discreetly so I didn't see anybody saying anything to her as she obviously was sort of sneaking out. All the other members in the band did show up and talked to the people there. The Submarines did hang out around the merch table plenty of time.
*Photography: yes, no flash. At some point a woman in the first rows asked Aimee if she could take a pic with flash!. She didn't hold any grudges as it was from that woman she took the one request.
*Aimee did take one request from the audience during the encore.
*For setlist go to her message board here
*Have fun!!
Well, truth be said I really didn't enjoy the show that much. For one thing, I'm not a fan of concerts during meal time (most people were seating having dinner, burgers, whole place smelling of grill and chips- nobody's fault, they had no choice if they wanted a good seat for this concert). And then the Submarines were ok, music was nice, but the whole thing didn't say much to me (maybe I was just having one of my unreceptive days, people loved them and they sold a ton of cd's), and later it turned out most of the songs Aimee chose to play I really didn't like much either. Not having much luck with setlists these last concerts. -By the way, seen there Aimee is better looking , taller, no so thin and her frame's not fragile at all as I thought it would be-. But I had a great time because of the people there.

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