Friday, August 22, 2008

Melody Gardot at the World Cafe FAN

Melody Gardot WCL

Some pics from last Friday's Melody Gardot noon concert:
Melody Gardot World Cafe Melody Gardot Philadelphia
Melody Gardot Setlist
Plus a link to another blogger with much better pics, and a link to XPN's archive where you can listen to the show (except for the last song, a cover of Somewhere over the rainbow), and this vid I recorded (recorded a few, this one's the one that turned out best by far so...):

It seemed to take her a bit to slip into the right vibe and the first two songs sounded somehow uninspired to me, but from then on she just got better and better. She managed to created a special and cozy atmosphere in the place and the sound was really perfect, not loud at all, as it happens too often . It is very welcome for all artists to have a distinct strong personality, but that is specially true of jazz/blues "dames". Surprisingly this woman, at 23, does have it and it becomes clear when you see her performing live.
I don't know about a song she played that appears in the setlist as "Solo", which sounded great, but I haven't been able to locate it.
Offstage she was also super generous, not with the "artist trying to look nice" mask on but actually paying attention and caring about the people there.
And on a more frivolous note, it also takes a special skill to play the piano in those super high heels...!!
Melody & me
I wasn't going to write this post, but some time ago I told someone I would, and even if sometimes the actions of others do set us free from our promises -as it is the case- I'm still keeping mine. Strictly principles.

And a thought for the victims of Wednesday's plane crash in Madrid, and those involved in the rescue, who stepped into grief and void to help total strangers. I met the pilot briefly years ago, a specially good natured person.

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