Monday, August 11, 2008

New stuff August'08

Just found out about Ben Fold's duet with Regina Spektor, "You don't know me", you can listen to it in Ben's myspace. Love it.
It's also fun to see Rufus Wainwright's cameo in Teddy Thompson's new video (otherwise totally forgettable), I wasn't sure when I saw it, but yes, it's him (they're longtime pals).
And Jem has released a new single, "It's Amazing", the tune is really nice, the lyrics - to me- not so much (the "rejection" part is good though). By the way, another single for the new record, "On top of the world" is also around, has 2 lucky listeners on lastfm (next day: ok, seen two blogs offering the free download of this track, one of them here, haven't liked it. As in "It's amazing" seems too hare krishna happy everything's so lovely and at your reach sort of thing). Greg Kurstin, from the Bird and the Bee is on board though, and guy's ace, we'll see. He's busy too, working on Lily Allen's new record coming out next year.
And my beloved Keane reappeared last week looking like the nightmare of taste. So they're going 80's, fine, but their look in the pic circulating everywhere is dull, worn, boring, ugly... And Tim Rice-Oxley (he's gorgeous, I've seen him close up) looks like an eerier version of Anthony Perkins in Psycho, at least if the grandmother was too in the photo it would have been funny. But all comments say it's great, so again it must be just me. The song, Spiraling, not saying much to me either (sounded familiar the way Chaplin sings, someone commented somewhere that it reminded them of Brandon Flowers (The Killers), I agree, I'd say mixed with Anita Ward's Ring my bell 's tune, serious!!!, at least in the beginning. Hope the rest of the album will be as brilliant as usual though- please!!. One thing I have to say: cowards they're not, they're risking it big time. That speaks highly of them.
Also Inara George has released a new album too, this time with Van Dyke Parks, you can listen to some of the songs on her myspace.
And for those in Philly, Coldplay are going to play here again in November, tickets on sale next week, hope I don't miss them again.
What else? I've seen this movie, "Conversation(s) with other women", trailer here, wiki here, that was quite curious. It was shot using split screen, which has to be incredibly complicated but keeps you curiously active while watching + very low budget, and it should have been a really great movie but wasn't (dialogues fell short, the men casting...bottom feeling is achieved, though), I just kept thinking how fantastic it could have been. But it was sort of ok, different, and the bonus material was quite curious too. The thing is it proves that so very soon anybody will be able to make a quality movie practically at home (was made on a Mac). And maybe the movie industry will then suffer a revolution similar to the one that myspace and youtube imposed on music...exciting.

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