Thursday, August 28, 2008

Liz Phair at the TLA -Philadelphia

Liz Phair Philadelphia

A pic from yesterday's concert.
Setlist: "Exile in Guyville" + encore (3 more songs, Polyester bride was the last one)
And a vid of her new song:

Thing is I'm not really into "Exile in Guyville" but into other "softer" "less cool" stuff, mainly songs from whitechocolatespaceegg...but it's always nice to listen to her singing live. Concert felt a little short and she hardly did any banter, which surprised me. She's really petite and she gives the impression she's just a pal improvising a concert for her friends. Even kind of shy at moments. Don't expect perfect tuning here or impeccable singing but she's fresh, she's in total complicity with her audience, the songs work (specially Polyester Bride) and she's fun. Different.
PS: Also uploaded this mini bit duet with someone from the audience that everybody there recalls (she kept asking for a girl to go onstage and sing it with her, but he was determined!. So she called us chicken and said what the ... and picked him!). He did really well:

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Anonymous said...

Yes Concert was great, seemed a bit short though, but for $25 bucks it was a deal. Great Venue also! My friend Jen and I rode out bikes down from Canada just to see her! Crazy guy who got called up on stage to help sing "Flower" must have got the thrill of his life!