Friday, October 19, 2007


Tonight I'm going to a concert and the skies know it, I know it doesn't make sense but they do. It's my third concert since I arrived in the US and in all three of them guess what: T-storms!!, and not any t-storm (the Tower flooded -beware Smashing Pumkins concert-goers, wear your wellingtons because your feet may get wet, happened to me, though they may have fixed it; at the Mann, which is only partially covered, these thunder noises that got to be a bit too scary), and today this, again!!! And it's not like it rains that bad all the time, over the weekend we'll have sunny skies luck.


Anonymous said...

I'm on crutches due to knee surgery two days ago. I have orchestra seats. Can anyone tell me if the theatre is comfortable enough for someone on crutches? Any info would help. Thanks.

infotaupe said...

Hi, there a are a few images of the orchestra seating area (one of the seats) in the "My visit to the Tower" post . I think the seats have more than the regular space in these cases but if you need to have the leg stretched it's going to be quite difficult unless you are seating right next to the isle. Maybe the Tower personnel can help you out. That's all I can help with, if anybody out there has more info pls comment.

infotaupe said...

I Forgot!! Pls let us know how that went, so anybody else in the same situation may know!!