Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Everybody is in the black mood today

That's what the lady in the fitting room said to me this morning (I was already aware that all the tops over my arm were pretty dark, well, as black as it gets actually). She said that was her mood yesterday but not today, she seemed disappointed, like we were all going to drag her back into it, all of us silly dark clothes try on-ers. Before, while browsing through the hangers, this song I had never heard before started playing, it didn't help matters. It's called "Other side of the world", by KT Turnstall (first song I really like from her, found the black horse one annoying, at first I thought it was Katie Melua), it's really moving, I memorized a few words an googled it, then found it on youtube . It really captures this thing so many people go through, one of the hardest things. Anyway, one could make a sandwich with that and Maria Taylor's "A good start".
Not that I should be unhappy about anything.

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