Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Keane The night sky review

Well, just like Lesley Gore sang “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”, I’m going to say it’s my blog and I’ll review if I want to, if only a little (not that anyone's told me not but...). I just can’t resist. So, about Keane's The night sky, I'll keep it short, just a few silly notes: bad things first: what on earth is going on in the record’s cover? That semi-purpled spaghetti bolognese thing gone wallpaper… not good. Then: 1.Hugues, good, those first bomb-like sounding drums in the song bring an amazing atmosphere to it. 2. Rice-Oxley, those oohs at the end of the song, I bet that’s him, coool (if it's not, I'm not reviewing a thing in a month, deal!).; and the last seconds, The Frog prince touch, nice signature (by the way, those oohs sound a bit America- Johnny Borrell-ish, so it's funny with the frog prince touch thing) 3. Chaplin, doesn't fail, that disquieting, seemingly transparent tone…
And 4. I really like this song, it might be minor considering some of the stuff Keane have released before but it has a beautiful unpretentious simplicity about it and it scores great moments like "to stand at the bus stop...". It may be about war, to me it's about everybody's everyday's war to find peace of mind. And from a child's point of view...not necessarily; they just focus on a very particular aspect of war/life: its noises, its silences... R.-O.'s big, Chaplin just nails it.
One more thing, the commercial strategy, can’t see the point of not letting people buy the record until so much later, will see how that works but it doesn’t make much sense to me.
And not looking forward to the video, won´t probably watch it. C. Hardy already spoiled Bedshaped a bit by making such a raw, gaunt, grim piece (and with these adjectives I don't know if I'm saying the exact shades I want because it's in this type of descriptions where my English fails me the most, but I think you get the idea of what I mean). I don't want the same to happen to this one. That kind of video with such a strong visual impact sticks to the song in one's mind (at least in mine) so they should be cautious because it actually damages the song. And by that I don´t mean that all music videos should be pink cotton candy.
PS 24 oct 07: ok, video already on youtube, sort of what I expected (not so grim but maybe I didn't give it time) so after a minute or so I turned it off. What are you gonna do....something in black and white, very static, nocturnal, big ample settings but revolving around little tiny details might have been nice but whatever. Music's enough.
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