Friday, October 5, 2007

Hi, I haven't written in some time but hopefully I will go back to posting stuff one of these days. I was tempted to write about Keane's last week releases, but I didn't get any comment or anything on the sui generis post I wrote on their third album (though it attracted traffic), so it was a bit disappointing (hmm), or boring, or both. I had fun writing it, though. So, anyway, no more reviewing or pre-reviewing or "whatever-ing" in the near future, not even writing the title of those releases to prevent more google search results.
I have an idea or two, one of these days I'll go at it but autumn makes me a bit passive, sort of a stop and think attitude. Leaves falling and stuff... So I've just finished watching the whole Grey's anatomy third season in a week (had to catch up with the fourth on tv these days)...

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