Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Melody at her best - Abbey Road

A while ago I was happily surprised when the Spanish National TV used one of Melody Gardot's songs as soundtrack to one of their most "important" spots (it was going ad free), one of the first ads to run this first of January. Fumbling on youtube I came across this impressive cover:

Love it. I don't think it will be on youtube for long, as the thing has already started retiring previous uploads of it because of the tiresome annoying copyright bummer.
Apparently there's this TV program from the UK called Live from Abbey Road, that is now on the US's Sundance Channel too, info here . There's a ton of clips there but I can't seem to open any from my country. Hopefully one day it will get here too-.
A lot of great most assorted artists have been on it (from Brian Wilson to Alanis Morissette, Richard Ashcroft, Kate Nash (listened to her new "I just love you more" yet, everybody?) or La Roux). And I quote " it offers a truly unique look inside the creative process of some of the industry's most fascinating artists (...) discussing their work and performing". There's some Beatles covers, and some new takes on their own material.
The Spanish tv ad featuring Melody's take of "Somewhere over the rainbow":

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