Monday, January 18, 2010

Nerina Pallot NOW!! -Useless tomorrow

Note April'09: Actually not, redoing this post since her "I don't want to go out" sessions are going on pretty often. In fact there was one every Monday for a while. Keep an eye on her website for future sessions as she's currently busy on tour.
Great and so generous of her, in these webcasts there's room for live performances of her songs and also some chatting where she answers questions. She answered one of mine a while ago (asked her about the "Shania you impress me" line in Cigarette, yes it was Shania and not another name -but I hear another name.. weird- and it was S. Twain she refers to, since she said it's a song about guilty pleasures -indeed!- bit of everything aaand she'd smoke a bit back then, kinda non smoking smoker - ;) And the song rocks.
Nerina Pallot, 'I Don't Want To Go Out' Sessions. Just click

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