Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is it really over? oh bummer

So I guess this Christmas is finally over...well, I'll miss coming across some of the music stuff that only happens this time of this:

I agree with Stereogum, nr 1 of best late night tv performances of 2009, and Casablanca's + The Root's taking over the song...that's rock and roll! (even with the shiny wedding band and the baby on the way!)
And didn't this website take the words from my mouth in this other list with "We know you're as sick as we are of parsing critics' picks, so here's at least one countdown where you won't find Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, or Dirty Projectors in the Top 10" . Indeed, all "cool" "hip" lists had at least 2 of those. Not impressed, even saw the DP live, to me apart from the virtuosity of the female choruses..boring. And the singer... sooo full of himself. Whatever. I've now found two lists that I feel like exploring, one Butterfly Boucher pointed at this morning, here at KGRL (had already listened to a few of those, agree for the most part) and one via Sondre Lerche (he did include the DP and co but...). Still none of these include Camera Obscura's release and that is a major flaw!!
My most listened to these Christmas was old stuff though (but new for me) like one of the best covers I've ever listened to, Shelby Lynne's "I don't want to hear it anymore".
PS Post activated a few months late...ahem, just remembered it was there drafted. Reasons why I didn't back then... anyone's guess. Course by now vid link doesn't work, 'cos youtube needs some competence, basically. Well, it did make me laugh back then.

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