Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A spring-like release

May I do another post on Spanish music (sung in English, though ) without people skipping it?. Give it a try, Spain also has a lot to offer as far a music goes, and not all is flamenco - in fact most of it isn't.
Proof of it is Marlango, they are just about to release their new album "Life in the treehouse" and the first single makes it look very promising, very spring-like feeling to it so the release is most timely. Some very arty images in their video too :

In this other video they talk about this new cd, basically saying it's a more happy record (happiness type B they say, as they're never "the life of the party") that also aims for the kind of simplicity that's achieved through very hard work.
Marlango's singer, Leonor Watling, is also one of the best Spanish actresses around.
Also trying to push down all this blog's seasonal posts... looks kinda shabby still showing Christmas and Valentine's stuff..

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