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Pic: make up session demonstration, 1932
Different post this time, L'Illustration was a French magazine famous in its time for its most advanced design and photographs as well as its quality articles, which covered the widest variety of topics, more info here. It was specially popular and important during the different wars of that period because of the extensive coverage it provided. Since I've some copies, all dated in the 1930's, I figured I'd post about it.
And surprisingly there are quite a few on sale at ebay, not expensive at all.
Now some pics, may add more in the future. Some of them are frivolous, others most tragic (hope it is not regarded as disrespectful to have posted them together, nothing further from my intention). All of them are to me pretty impressive, specially considering the cameras back then. They all belong to different issues dated 1932 (some of the photographs were taken in previous years though).

There are some impressively beautiful front pages like the one below, L' Atlantique and its story now forgotten, -a ship returning to port with no passengers, only its crew aboard when there's a fire, believed to have started in a first class cabin at a little before 3.30 am. No, it's not a movie!. The story here-

A few ads (hey, some women were not that doomed with domesticity!) :
Music, hippos...
Years after my grandparents died I lived in their house for a few months.
It was a small flat full of half empty cabinets. What was still there by then was what was considered completely expendable... I couldn't have agreed less.
The other day, greyest yet in this grey winter, was a good time to unpack them. To open some of them for the first time. To see how past is present, present is past...
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