Saturday, September 1, 2007

Coldplay's new studio album

*** Update April 29: you can now download their new song "Violet hill" for free at their website (for a week only). More news on it too regarding two free gigs...
**Update March 23: Album's confirmed release date is 16th June, title: Viva la vida, see here ( Viva la vida being the Spanish for hurrah for life, sort of).
*Update April 10th: I'm told there's at least one track including strings with many pizzicatos and so on. No one knows if it will make it to the album but...

A quick note on what will be Coldplay's 4Th studio album, following X&Y. After the Magic Shop recording studio's last newsletter "Coldplay, joined by Producer Markus Dravs & Engineer Jason Lader, spent the first half of July with us working on their upcoming album; Brian Thorn assisted." It's not the first time that Chris Martin visits this studio. I visited the Magic Shop in May, if you want to see some of those pics/comments go to this other post in my blog.
Date of release is not known for this one either, rumours pointing to early 2008, see this Coldplay blog for a little more (like the rumor that set a release date tomorrow!, we'll find out about that one soon enough). The new work will be "very original and very different from what they’ve done before"- Bryan Eno (one of the producers) dixit. -Mmm, where did I hear that before?-
Yep, Keane. I don't find comparisons between them and Coldplay relevant on a musical level up to this point, but regarding personal backgrounds there seems to be many a common element. It seems both bands will have their new releases out about the same time, that's a feast for critics who will find an easy and worn subject to talk about again. Boring.
PS 4th September: no sight of the new album in Amazon, as expected-

**Update 15th Jan** Chris Martin is in the cover of this month's Q magazine, and Coldplay's new release is also mentioned in the editor's letter. Click here to view it. Since this post has had quite a bit of traffic I figured I'd update.

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