Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Magic Shop in NYC

The Magic Shop recording studio in NYC

Magic shop facade Magic shop engineers

On my last week’s “day off” it was time for the Magic Shop in NYC, a one of a kind recording studio with an impressive list of clients (yes, Keane among them, ‘course, but Cranberries, Bjork, Lloyd Cole, and more of my favourites too, as well as legends like Liza Minnelli or The Rolling Stones, and soundtracks like Great expectations or The matrix). Here are some of my pics, though I’m afraid that again the quality is less than perfect: one in the blue room with super engineers T. and W., and another one in the reception, as well as a view from the street. I could not go inside the actual studio because it was being used at the moment but there is a photograph in their official site. The place was surprisingly unpretentious, small and cosy and the people there were tops.

As much as I love music I couldn't’t name more than a couple of producers, and, hmmm, no sound engineer, which isn’t fair, really, but still I’m "aware" and intrigued and love what they do (lucky them!). I’ve discovered a few internet sites that are very illustrative for beginners in these matters like me: in you can find interviews with many well-known producers like Richard Rainey (U2…) among others, and tour different recording studios. It also gives you a blunt look at what that job means for the people involved (takes courage!!).
I also found this site about Glen Ballard (one of the few producers I know the name of). And going back to Keane (yep, once more!), there’s this interview with their producer (and co-producer in the second album) Andy Green.
There's also Mix magazine, about these issues of professional recording and production technology, for the specifics (a few articles on Keane's equipment too).
Anyway, I’m afraid I’m done with my “excursions” for a while, so I’m back to my rosetaupe life and I don’t know when/if I’ll be posting my “bits” again.
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