Friday, June 8, 2007

Parking + Some pics: Tower theater's Street (surroundings)

Tower Theater from 19Th StAnother view of the Tower from 19Th StTower Theater Parking
Regarding parking, there’s basically two options:
1. The parking lot near the theater, it’s signalled clearly and it costs $10 (last pic). It's fairly big.
However apparently there's no security once the concert's been going on for a while (quite unacceptable of the parking management), and there have been cases of cars burglarized more than once. Don't leave anything of value in sight (as always...).
2. Parking in the street (metered area). Beware because we were told by locals that people parking in the street are often fined on concert nights, even if they park after 9 pm (when meter-feeding time is over). Also be careful where you park, it's a rough neighborhood.
I've parked in the lot when in a hurry, on the street when lucky, haven't had any problem.


Anonymous said...

HEY! this is the cheech tix person!!!

when i went to the tower.. i had parked in the RITE AID parking lot a few blocks away.. and the car was fine..
and i have a really nice car.
with a gps inside and a few other things that some one could break in a pull out..

there was'nt even a scratch on the car..

so i would suggest parking there!!!!

Anonymous said...

A word of advice--you may have had a good experience that one time, but I wouldn't chance it again, either in Rite Aid or Staples' lot. They are stepping up patrols in that area, and towing cars left and right. My friend had her car towed from Staples just last week and had to pay over $150 to get it back. It makes the $10 you pay for the lot behind the Tower a bargain when you think about it, especially since it's lit and there are more police patrols in the last year or so. You can also chance the meters on the street but they are few and far between.

Anonymous said...

Last night I went to the Asia / Yes concert. We were 2 miles out and it took 45 minutes to park. The 1st parking lot behind the Tower was full, so they sent us to the 2nd lot next to Sears, another block or 2 away. We had no problems, but we did enter and exited with everyone else. The Tower Staff were excellent and on top of everything. The concert was awesome.

Anonymous said...

I parked in the lot (after paying $10) and came back to find my window smashed & car ransacked (along with 15-20 other cars). Plenty of security in theater making sure no cameras were used, but not one to check on cars in their lot. Horrible & costly experience!

dwscience said...

Passenger window smashed in garage along with 10 other cars at least. Horrible experience! (after a great concert though- what a way to end an otherwise great night- driving home, with no passenger window through lovely philly).

Anonymous said...

A few years back we parked in a bank lot at the corner of Copely and Ludlow without any problem. Has anyone else tried this? We're going to another show soon and are thinking about doing that again but don't want to risk getting towed.

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