Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I will be writing some "silly" things from time to time from now on, as with the new link system I have included in the heading people who come to the site looking for info on a) the Tower Theater or b) Keane (my two sources of visitors) will be taken directly to the links and they won't even read these posts, so these "things" are here but with all probability they'll be sort of invisible, which has its charm (or absurdity, more like it).
Today a book fell in my hands, the typical "best 10000000 quotes of the world" and as you do in such occasions I opened it and pointed at one randomly with my finger. It said: "Shut up, he explained" (it was by a R. Lardner). Actually I liked that quote.
Maybe the explanation to my latest "meandering" posts is my parents are home visiting, that is something that makes you come out & gasp for air from time to time. You can't shut up explain to them.

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