Saturday, September 22, 2007

Web pals

Now for a post that has nothing to do with music, which is what I should talk about here, but well. I've already said before that my computer was recently infected with a virus for clicking in the "next button blog" you can see in every blogger blog. That's the terrible part (spending so much time trying to defeat it, getting increasingly upset as it only made my computer more and more incompetent). The good part, that's the reason for this post: in one of my searches for the cure (I wasn't going to give in that easy) I came across the "Spywareinfo forum" in google. As it happens with these things I was quite suspicious of anything containing the word "virus" in it that wasn't universally famous, but I browsed around their forum and I decided to write to them. Basically what these people do is to guide you step by step to get rid of the virus, for free (you can support the site with donations, or clicking on their ads, but I bet unfortunately most people don't) simply because they are fed up with the damn malwares and spywatchers of this world. I didn't want to buy an antivirus at that moment because, among other things, some of the pop ups I was getting all the time were advertising some of them, which made me particularly upset (can they be that shameless). My helper was a "forum deity" (which must mean mine was a particularly bitchy virus), Nasdaq, to whom I am very grateful. Communication went back and forth daily during a whole week and finally this morning my computer was set free again (or so I think). So I'm really glad that there's people out there who do things just to help. So thanks a lot Nasdaq, and if any reader has a virus one of these days, you know where to go.

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