Monday, September 10, 2007

Dido, new album

Well, alas it seems that 2007 is being a highly inspirational year, and one more artist is planning to release her third album early 2008: Dido. Her website also announced on the 6th that she is currently in America recording it. No clues as to the studio.
And Alanis Morissette seems to be cooking something too, though that may be expected later on probably.
PS UPDATE AUG'08: Album out in early November, and you can now download a free track in her website, click here

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whisky said...

Hi Am Whisky From Jamaica! An I Have All Of Dido Music She Is My Everythin Her Voice Is Outstanding, An I Cant Wait For Her New Album To Drop..Cause It's Bin A Wild Sinc She Drop (Life For Rent) An I Know This Album Is Ganna Be Great Cause She Keep Geting Better An Better..Love Youa Dido From Whisky Your Loyal Fan..!