Thursday, February 12, 2009


Things I found out about today since I woke up this morning at 7.45 am (urggg):
* There's this very extensive interview to Neko Case in Paste Magazine's online thing here. BTW a very good source for discovering new fresh music I often use are Paste magazine's samplers (cds they give away for free with the magazine. You have like 20 tracks of all kinds of music, there never fails to be one or two ace discoveries - also a few very forgettable boring ones, course).
*I came across this music blog with a bitterly fantastic name: It's hard to find a friend. Yes. On the other hand, it's easy finding a crappy stupid mean human being ready to lie and hurt you for no particular reason. Phonies. Yess.
*Found out Cat Power released a new covers EP in December (Dark end of the street).Just as I'm writing this, the radio station I'm listening to (I hardly ever listen to the radio) plays...Living proof (it never does). Et voila, sometimes, the world does seem to turn around you, if only for one spin.

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