Monday, February 2, 2009

The coolest concerts I know of - Artist Den

In case you're not familiar with the Artist Den, they are responsible for the coolest concerts around: these are "secret" concerts in non-musical fantastic venues such as museums, old ships, churches... all with great artists, for very small audiences (partly lucky fans -tickets are free- partly members. Really fair, I'd say). These concerts are taped, and they've just announced they're finally starting to broadcast them starting this February. First one to air is Alanis Morissette.

I was so lucky to attend Jakob Dylan's in NY in September (check out my blog's september archives, I entered to win tickets, entered my guy too...I didn't win them, he did, which is funny because he's as musical as a log!!- but ok, got to go -which is what matters - plus he enjoyed it a lot) and they've already posted a mini clip of it here (place looks way bigger than it actually was). There's also this one on youtube.
For other artists appearing and for the tv schedule go to their site.

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