Saturday, February 7, 2009

Annuals at the World Cafe

Annuals (World Cafe FAN, Jan. 30Th).

What's most remarkable about this band are the double drums in some of the songs. Really curious to see two drummers onstage, a first for me. I asked main drummer Donzel Radford about it, he said they love drums (obviously) and music seemed to ask for them. How do they do it?. Go to recording studio, one drummer to the left side, one drummer to the right, try, and see what works. Not much room for improvisation?. Uh, no.... And how long has he been playing drums? (he's pretty amazing at it). Practically since he could hold a pair of sticks in his hands..
Uploaded a mini clip of "Confessor", off their last album, on YouTube here.
And Rachael Yamagata was in the audience (and she didn't run when she saw me!!!- you'd have to read previous posts to catch this. I behaved and didn't ask her anything this time).
By the way, itunes' free single of the week is Alela Diane's. Go for it.

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