Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Raveonettes at the World Cafe FAN

Recorded part of "The beat dies" but I was too close to a speaker so the sound's bad and unfortunately I moved too much, still it's a beautiful song, so there it goes.
(Still you can listen to the whole concert here on XPN's website)

For setlist click here.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am planning on going to a concert at the Mann for the first time this summer. Would you say that Orchestra seats are good? I dot have the exact section, only that it's orchestra. Also, if I want to meet the artist coming off the bus, where do they park the bus. Thank you!!!

infotaupe said...

Well, orchestra is a large area, so tickets could be great or not so great..
If it's still the way it was, for the meet and greet you would go around the stage building, right side. You can ask and you'll be directed. But if they choose to not have a meet and greet there is no way you'll see them, area will be cleared :(
Sorry for the delay, not checking this often anymore.