Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A fine frenzy concert, 24 March, Philly + Chris Stills + Ferras

My pics from yesterday night's concert.

I'm posting even vids this time! (about time I figured out that button in my camera!!)

This guy rocked in English and French!!. Plus, any guy who's capable of looking at the crowd and say a girl "got me good" like he did wins my gold star. Avec une couple d' ... comme il faut, chapeau.
Concert was at the World Cafe (I sort of spend half my life there!).

Ok, video nr 1: A fine frenzy -"Whisper" (first time ever I uploaded a vid on youtube, btw) (and not me shouting at the end!)

Video nr 2 I made: Chris Stills' Landslide:

Video nr 3, Stills rocks the guitars

I'm sorry but I didn't get any decent pic of Ferras. I recorded a short vid though, if anybody's interested let me know. Otherwise I won't post it since I've almost run out of space in my youtube account because of the quality of the AFF vid I posted.
As for a review, I'm sort of lazy these days so just a couple of notes:
1. Sorry but Ali was not having her best night, I was surprised at how many times she came this close to actually yelling, and a few of the songs almost bored me (hence the amount of pics I took). I saw her in August last year, liked her more then. Still she's more than talented and she pulled up some tricks that left me mesmerized (like the "buuut" in Ashes and wine, not on the cd, that alone was worth the whole night).
2. Daxx oh Daxx, where were you? (Nielsen, lol). There was this different guy at the drums, was efficient but not nearly as classy or intense as Daxx, who plays the drums with that air I've seen in nobody else, like he's sipping down martinis in a crisp white shirt at a bar in the French Riviera, he's thaaat cool. I was looking forward to seeing him play again, bummer.
3. Wasn't the bass player for Chris Stills the one playing with Rufus Wainwright last summer?. I wish I could find out for sure. Seems Stills is a wise guy when it comes to choosing band mates!

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