Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lyrics to new Carina Round song

*UPDATE AUG 29th: Carina has posted the words here.

(*Note: there's probably quite a few mistakes, tried my best.)

See me down and see me out
See those wings you gave me
Watch me fly across the sea
Count the ways you made me

I walked in circles
Walked the line
Tripped through tangled heart strings
Made an enemy of time
Made a mess of all things
All things

Well I have thought, I think about
What and how to tell you
I have lived it seems without
Learning how to be true

That I mean every word I said
From deranged to divine
That I would do it all again
As if for the first time
The first time

The hoping
The head forgets
The heart will always remember
The hoping
The hand regrets
The heart remembers forever

I am sorry I am so
Full of things you don’t know
And as for the things you do
I am sorry for those too

Out of every broken heart
Broken rule and promise
I have made a rescue raft
I sail towards you on it
On it


Do you
Do you want me
Do you know how to show
How to show these things
I just didn’t want to have to ask
I just didn’t want to
Least of all people, you

Well, should you find someone with whom
There’s no sugar or ?
With whom never to assume too much rain or a draught
Scratch your name into her heart
Scratch away all the doubt?
Scratch my memory from your brain
Scratch your fucking eyes out
Eyes out

Well I was put together wrong
Still I was made for you
When all stitches come undone
They’ll come together like glue
Like glue

Posted April 11th 2008

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