Friday, June 10, 2011

More tunes

Like this one, quite older, by The Pierces

These two know how to use a spade!, last blow should be it, & his fault alone it is too.
Those are the creepier, "Secret" Pierces, pre Berryman producing, pre The Mamas and the Papas varnish (at its most accomplished in songs like You'll be mine), pre becoming quite quite popular. In fact one's surprised to find out this is their 4th record -if I'm correct.
It's funny how some unlikely words keep repeating themselves in songs, for instance Domino: ask Sondre Lerche, he's just written such an irregular song with it, most moments are a ten, others... not. Still the number of views of its charmingly unpretentious official video months after being posted is just ridiculous and sad. Guess sometimes internet not only does not make you feel less isolated but makes it poignantly clear that the insignificant number of people on your "team" is even smaller than you had estimated.. Kinda.
Sondre is also posting a video a day for a time to launch his latest album and has done this most hyperstripped down version. He was one of the first performers on XPN I missed when I left Philly and I was very bummed about it. He's irregular but regularly fantastic.
Talking about most irregular things, saw "I heart Huckabees":

Genious brilliance at times, such a drag at others (unfortunately one of the worst moments is the one with a Spanish old woman on it. A wink to Almodovar, no doubt, but more of a black eye as she's so shrill-fake silly). But yeah, some amazing moments. Plus Jon Brion on board can't hurt. And as I said, just like in song lyrics you come across the same words again and again (eyes, ocean, blue, sun, moon... domino, hggg) and same themes, it's much more so in movies. So one that's not about love or sex or war or mystery or the very popular option of 4X1, a movie simply about being human is great. Well, it's also about serendipity (in fact that's how the title was translated in Spain), you seldom know what's serendipity, what's not and still at times you have to act upon it. Sometimes it's so poetic and pretty to think some things are not sheer's tempted!. But more often than not they are (which on the other hand is sometimes quite liberating). Ultimately it's the facts that prove it.
I mean, is this post serendipitous? or not?

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