Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alice Gold, The Pierces and Delta Maid at Bush Hall

Back from London now. First, a pic of Alice Gold and her setlist.

Alice's album is out at the beginning of July and can be preordered here, first copies will be signed.
Nothing new to add to what's already been said about her lately, it's clear that she's got the extra ingredient and that if she doesn't make it big it won't be for lack of ability. Got presence onstage too, reminded me of The Duke Spirit's Liela.
A bit too much going on in the album though, at points too psychedelic for me, at points too poppy but she told me she hopes when one listens to it from beginning to end it will make sense as a whole.
And she's getting a lot of positive attention: I discovered her when checking out the Pierces' supporting acts, listened to her music, and she became the main reason to go to the show, but little after that I was listening to one of Jo Whiley's Radio2 shows (first I've ever listened to, she was playing one of Ane Brun's new songs that I'd already listened to on Spotify but was curious) and she went and played Alice too, so her music is really getting out there, congrats to her.
And lucky her she's not only most talented, she's also got one of the coolest bass players (Saul) with her onstage!. She did not introduce her band, guess she forgot -Well, it was great, the drummer added beautiful backing vocals (see it here), he and the guitar player were previously in a band, Fields, that broke up. Music is so rough, well, life is so rough.
Beautiful minidocumentary on her first album here.
The Pierces setlist:

The Pierces pics:(click to enlargen, don't know what's the deal with blogger today but in these small views pictures are pale and have very bad definition...)

Better than anticipated. All's been said too, not any challenging or very special but by all means some really good songs. Highlights live: "Sticks and stones" and set ending "Boring" (which I didn't like much on the cd but that absolutely rocked live, really fun too). They sold out the first date at Bush Hall , so they added this extra one, which also sold out soon after I bought tickets. Incredibly mixed audience, almost like a perfect population sampling: all ages, all types, no one could feel out of place!
Objection: they didn't play "Piece of you", which is probably my favourite by them.
Delta Maid pic:

Funny it looks like a painting.
Uploaded some snippets of each of their sets on my youtube, but it was too loud for my old camera so the sound's far from good.
More soon. Lovely weather in London btw..

(Southbank centre, 14/06)
Way too lengthy posts also way over edited but.. air conditioning only in the computer room 27/06 11.30 and its already over 30 degrees out, will go way higher. Yersterday night it only was under 29 from 1.30 am. So you can hardly open your house and it only gets hotter and hotter. Ahhhhhh and it's only the beginning. Thank god for swimming poolz- and no, I can't blog from there ;)
Wow, about that just found a graphic example in the kitchen cupboard:

Forgot I'd bought these, "fondant" wobbly dome tea cakes!
PS And if you really want to read a good post on Alice Gold, ignore mine and read this The independent bit. Among other things, gives the name of the album one of those images you don't forget .
This post has been being written for about 2 weeks now, so chronologically -or otherwise I'm afraid- it may not make much sense.

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