Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kathleen Edwards' 4th -with helper-

Kathleen has been in the studio for some time now, getting her 4th release ready. And being as fantastic as she is, she's been keeping us in the loop by occasionally posting bits and ends on her facebook. In case you missed it, today's bit is priceless: new music!!.. so fresh, love it. Goes by the title of "Little T workin' the piano", and has the so very Kathleen intro "just another night of fucking around on the piano, with a helper" (her cat). Unfortunately video can't be embedded so click on this link to watch it (post edit: not anymore, once there go to videos and select it).
I'm jealous, not only do I not have a musical pet, neither do I get to funk around on my piano at night. Booo, I don't like having neighbors.
Just can't wait for her new songs.
PS (day after) Turns out she has a few more new songs out there, had not heard about them :(
In case you missed them too found:
* "Mint" and "Change the sheets" on youtube, recorded comme il faut by building55 (thnx!).
* "Empty threat", "Chameleon", "Soft place to land", Pink champagne... downloadable here from someone who taped then shared the audio for some shows (thnx 2, I'm so thankful for this kind of kind bloggers). Quite a few new covers as well.
Band: Jim Bryson always, Cripps and Tough alternate, seems. For more posts on K.E. in this blog see archives (June'08 and March'09)
PS (weeks after) Also, diffferent topic: Daytrotter just released their Best of Daytrotter 2010 list, more than worth checking out (picked from all sessions, all downloadable for free). Not the best songs but "the songs that moved us greatly". And I'd add a sentence here but I don't know how to say it in English..
One last musing if I'm allowed...'cos this is the perfect post to bring Sarah Hallman up, another brilliant Canadian. You can listen to her songs here (first you'll have to pause the usually terrible radio), specially recommend "Forget you", kinda like a mouthful of Twizzlers and strawberry chewing gum, like blowing bubbles with chagrin..

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