Friday, October 15, 2010

A-ha's farewell to Madrid

Couldn't make up my mind about whether to go to yesterday's gig or not (happens to me, get sort of jammed, same amount of pros and cons), so decided to enter a draw I came across on the net, leave it to fortune...and scored 2 tickets at the very last minute!!!. Really glad I went. More pics:
To cut a long story short, pros:
- Lighting, show production, gorgeous
- Music
- Magne's humor, specially his bit translating Morten's words to Spanish- hilarious. Morten's smile, wow (btw, he looked impossibly, spookily young on the screens, like in his 20s).

And cons:
-Venue, venue, venue: bad sound, lugubrious atmosphere...a real sabotage
-Setlist, basically the singles off each record... not fair.
-Rythm, the energy of the first set of songs suddenly sinks and never quite reaches the same level again.
-Morten's moves, weird. Specially when getting ready for the note holding in Summer moved on, looked like some kind of transformer about to unplug his torso...quality, not quantity.
-Last, but certainly not least their fan snubbing after the concert. Only Pal approached the people waiting, he spent like 1 minute behind the fence, slurring a few signatures, his sunglasses on, not looking up once. The other two got into their heavily tinted glasses Mercedes without a word. Honestly, how hard can it be to say a general hi to all the people waiting at the other side of a fence?.

Only other time I've won tickets to a concert was about a decade ago. It included airfare, hotel, limo picking us up at the airport -wohoo!- and Michael Douglas on the plane (that not included in the prize but it was at that time when he was courting Z Jones... He waited with everybody at the boarding room for quite a bit and acted very normal, seemed nice, curiously only a little girl approached him -enough, gossipy me).
Concert was Madness at the Wembley Arena, around Christmas, which was rather cool because London looked lovely. Had little time and had already been to London a few times, visited Lord Leighton's house (highly recommend it, beautiful), etc . Walked around the city and the shops...fantastic. They don't do contests like that anymore...or I don't win them!

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eyeamImran said...

i really hate it when it gets tough to decide. same number of pros and cons are a real bummer - my rule of thumb, "if there's a concert, go cut lose boy" |you've taken nice pictures.

infotaupe said...

Thanks! yes, decissions...