Thursday, June 4, 2009

The unfindable "S" (almost!)

So I was bored bored bored today with boring things to do, and after doing other silly stuff I went and wasted more time in front of my computer (how original). And typed "I'm bored" in lastfm's music search, see what inspiring ideas would come up. Haaa, that's when my boredom disappeared because "S" and her song "I'm so bored I'm going to sleep" showed up and triggered my curiosity. Since it sounded quite suitable I tried to listen to it... not available there so after a few searches (ok, this post is boring, it has to be...) I came up with a myspace for her but she wasn't in charge of it. So next step? Googling "S" didn't seem like a brilliant idea somehow ... well, at some point ended up finding her myspace here. But the page's so sparse, hardly any friends... Oh, and her latest track is called "??????" (- really good, not available for download though).
Well, I really like her music and it's different and curious, and finding it seems like one of those searches for the treasure with clues and a prize at the end. Guess she didn't make it to the "promote yourself" classes..or maybe she just prefers it this way...
PS There's actually more than one act with the name "S", the one I'm referring to is Jenn Ghetto (ex- Carissa's Wierd), she actually had great reviews of her record "Puking and crying" (don't let the title scare you away) a while ago, but seems it's still pretty off radar (can think of a few reasons...)

Well, people are not usually curious, though as Colin Farrell said in some award show (I couldn't stand the guy until he said this sentence) "curiosity is love". Couldn't agree more.As always I kind of Check out her music though.

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