Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Elizabeth and the Catapult play in Philly for the first time.

Elizabeth and the Catapult and Jeff Taylor
(At the Tin Angel on the 27th June)
Such a fantastic show!. In the pic with Jeff Taylor, he sang a few songs with them (these two, some chemistry).

They said that it was the first time they weren't playing with a bassist in years, but that they were really loving the sound...couldn't play "Taller children" because of that though (somebody requested it). I don't really like that song much so...a very different matter was their not playing "Rainiest day..." ...was in the setlist but they forgot. Hmm.
They played a few new songs, have uploaded a bit of "Hypochondriac" I recorded since I can't find it anywhere else and it's really wow. Can't quite understand half the lyrics (anybody help?). Also uploaded the cover of M. Ward's "Fuel for fire" they did with Taylor. This last one sounded much better live. Really nice people, Elizabeth's voice is effortlessly impressive and Pete Woodman on guitar is pretty amazing. But the three of them really show that they've been playing together time enough to do so almost as one and that they're such talented people. After the show they stayed around to chat with everybody.
Opening act was Christina Courtin, whose first songs were pretty haunting.
Finished the post!. Since when I was almost packed to leave it's all been postponed a few more weeks...big mess but have a bit more of time. Pretty nerve wrecking, these last days before moving somewhere else.


Thomson said...

Very cool post! I will take a crack at the Hypochondriac lyrics. (I also ended up posting this song on youtube). I don't think this is gonna be all that accurate, but we'll get the idea:

Mr. Hypochondriac
I could've sworn you had a heart attack
Once again we had you at dead and I couldn't tell you otherwise

Mr. Hypochondriac
I got a fever from a cardiac arrest
It was a fact we could never bring you back until you opened up your own eyes...until you opened up your eyes

You know more than you think you know
Take control, take control
So much more than you think you know
Take control, take control

What becomes of.......??
Crazy haunted self???
Doctor, doctor what's my remedy
To cure the child of the 21st century
There's no cure, there's no remedy
For the golden child of the 21st century

Mr. Hypochondriac
Wasn't it time you got your senses senses back
Anything goes when you're the star of your own show
and I can't tell you otherwise

You're checking all your vital signs
You scare your neighbors with your well-perfected cries
There's nothing harder than to learn your a martyr
It's high time you realize, it's high time you realize

You know more than you think you know
Take control, take control
So much more than you think you know

Doctor doctor what's my remedy
Golden child of the 21st century.


infotaupe said...

Thanks so much, helps a lot!! lyrics turn out to be pretty good too. I saw the band again a little after that night and asked them to pls release this soon, hope they do. But they had started their tour so...
Again, big thanks