Thursday, July 10, 2008


Going to Coldplay's concert in November! Yes!!!Haaaahaa. First date for this tour in Philly I was on holidays, then they changed it and I was this close to go, but in the end...Since they insist (back so soon?)...three's a charm...With Duffy, not bad (though I'll see them mosquito size), but means I have to give up Goldfrapp.
Spent all morning refreshing the Comcastix page, gave me a headache for the rest of the day, never mind. I'm a terrible shopper, spend ages comparing...
Funny enough, I only started listening to them some 5 months ago, never felt like it before (only right at the beginning with Yellow, but then they proceeded to be so all over the place it got.... Viva la vida is such a great album and so are some of the songs of X&Y, love Low).
Silly post, will delete it as I always do in these cases (there's one of these itsy posts every 2 weeks or so, they always end up in the dustbin, sorry!!-blogger's explosions. Some of these were quite the thing, though...)
PS Instead changed the date so it got list in the post sea........ (was dated aug 18th)

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