Monday, July 14, 2008

Things I've been up to

Now, totally unimportant random list of things I've been up to lately:
* Went to Regina Spektor and Ani diFranco concert, posted vids on youtube. Finally, I must add. Because just like by some trick of fate you seem bound to see certain artists (in my case I. Michaelson and N. Atkins), it seems you're bound to miss others, that being Regina. First time I tried goes back to September last year, then again a few months ago. Something would always come up. Well, finally I made it! (even if she was supporting and set list was short...).
* Went to Xponential festival this weekend (Sat. and Sun.), posted a vid (see here) but I'll post more and write posts, specially about Shelby Lynne, the one I was most looking forward to. My back is one of these.
* Listened to Coldplay's "Viva la vida" track over and over again, a soundtracky song that to me turned out to have tons of strength, push, a superb orchestration and production, and lyrics that conjure powerful and vibrant images. And that sounds really pretentious!!. The king in the song alone is seductive enough, thrown out of the throne via direct kick in the butt but still, in a way, as powerful and lucid as ever. In acceptance. Not moping around and whining about how, drunk with power, he did this and that, but acknowledging he always knew what he was doing and facing the consequences. And still somehow undefeated... at heart. The poignant line "Never an honest word" open to him or the ones he faced. About someone who's up there one day and down here the next, happens all the time. The record seems to have a bit of everything, excellent, bad, too weird..."Yes" is a great track too. Today I've switched to listening to "Cathedrals" by Joan Osborne (yep, the one I've posted) over and over. I know, totally different. Well, lastfm has not yet been able to find any other user whose compatibility with me is higher than low...
* Finished reading "Neverwhere" which is a surprising choice of book for me (I never do sci-fi etc), God knows why I picked it (I guess falling through the cracks into a parallel universe sounded appealing). And then spent half the book thinking I should leave it. Though it's not a great book for me, it was quite curious. I was reading another book the day after Ani DiFranco's concert (has nothing to do with music)and it goes and mentions her and the song "As is" , which was the one I had recorded a bit of and decided not to post on youtube. So I changed my mind and posted it (as if it was some kind of sign- haha!!!).
*Last movies seen: "Trust the man" (unpretentiously ok, funny, nice soundtrack), "The brave one" (Jodie Foster, always good dialogues and great performances, and this is a really well crafted movie).
And time passing by far too fast, feels like I'm buying my days in packs of dozens at the supermarket, together with the milk and eggs, and spending them just as innocuously, should be far more productive - will keep trying. But that's life.

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