Monday, November 26, 2007

The bird and the bee

the bird and the bee north star

Well, I won't be talking about them (and the supporting acts) in a while after all, since google has gone totally bonkers and it's decided not to index some of my posts (the most interesting, actually), and instead it ranks my blog first in those searches but with the wrong topics (????). As I'm not feeling like writing to myself about these things I'll wait until I try some things and fix this.
In the meantime, just in case, I've include another pic (not too good, sorry).
PS 1st dec: Google seems to have made up for it a bit, finding some of my stuff again (not all...), and now there's some images of my blog that can be found through google image, about time!! so no more excuses, I'll be finishing that post soon.
PS OK, done (see next post).

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