Friday, November 4, 2016

Elections... or the state of acceptance.

Days away from these unthinkable elections, and  most of us are thinking the same thing... well, just be aware that the only reason these are the candidates is people put them there with their choices.
Also impressed @ how incredibly biased the media is, they don't even bother to pretend anymore. Not a good thing no matter what. Yuck.
So I thought I'd post this beautiful soothing song on acceptance and dealing with bad hands. Which we will have to do regardless.
And I thought House of Cards was too extreme...
PS Nov 8:  sick of receiving prerecorded calls and messages on my phone asking for democrat vote. I got them from a "Hey it's Tess..." (703 3729398), "Hi, it's Charlotte..." (703 9918928) "Hey it's Sarah..." (703 9918928) and so on. Not helping, guys.

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