Friday, November 11, 2011


Am I really doing this?. Because I've always hated Christmas stuff around when it's not even December but, well, whatever.. again, why are they releasing this so soon?
"Home for the Holidays" - Tim Wheeler & Emmy the Great

Melody sounds most familiar (in fact, combine the gorgeous L'anamour -version Françoise Hardy- and Abba's great One of us to a faster beat = mighty close to the verses) but all is forgiven because it's pretty, unpretentious just for the season cheesy kinda thing -and cheesy is good, good cheesy that is. Bad cheesy is terrible. But this is good cheesy-. And these two's talent for music is proven (Tim as for instance in Ash's fantastic Free all angels, Emmy as f.i. in collaborations with Lightspeed Champion), and foremost: hearing it is like Christmas: same warm fuzzy feeling. So different from what stems from the world and in particular my beautiful country these days, I'm making this exception. Also no need to blog until after Christmas!. But then, it makes one have to blog in January not to be so outdated (nah, can always delete, yay!).
Music these days is in general pretty incredibly boring to me, a lot of work just to find one or two songs worth it. Crumbs. That so even though some of my favourites have released albums lately...sadly boring albums (with luck one song, two can be salvaged). So practically Camera Obscura is kinda my last hope (according to their facebook they were already working on new cd in june... C'mon Tracyanne!! a last push!!!). Well, Jakob Dylan released a really great bitterest song months ago (he's so ahead he's already left his respective boring period behind). And Amy sounded so good on that bit of Like Smoke- sad. Very. Well, also hopes on La casa azul's latest out on the 28th, label mate of Camera Obscura's for a while, but not sure non Spanish listeners can get it the same way. Actually this blogs quite shares his philosophy, as explained in the video, specially at the end. It's stupid to write about music etc with the things that are going on, but then not totally.
So, uh, don't know what else to say. Well, this is pretty too.
As always, post will probably be heavily edited, no reason in particular.
PS I know some will snort at some of my crumbs (one christmas song and one Coldplay and Rihanna song? oh, jeezz). Well, I like both and other, considered more "serious" crumbs I've been listening to I haven't blogged about. Though they'd look much cooler, I'm well aware.
On a positive note, there's still more than a month left of 2011. Maybe time enough for me to get my cool back!!

Christmas notes: for christmas letters , love the typography of the warm december here. For christmas ornaments the super Fishinkblog has pretty ideas including recycled jumpers (funn, involves shrinking them, which some of us are accidental experts at). Like in music blogs, some posts I love, some not. Definitely dazzled by incredible artists featured in it, like Jon Klassen -WOW- or Jared Andrew Schorr, no lack of inspiration there. Some pretty stuff in Laura Veirs' happy Tumble bee too, like Prairie Lullabye.
Or for those who for some reason are still feeling un-christmassy like me this is also December and mighty catchy (and still good natured, ahem).
And of all the goodies artists have given away this Christmas, I'll choose Tina Dico's -she released the very crisply produced True North a month ago-: an old unreleased song, quiet and simple but full of flavour and meaning, Don't belong here. Too few available downloads though, they were gone faster than fast.
And Goldfrapp's little greeting, too many swear words for me, but singing's fantastic.
Christmas is not synonim of amnesia, though.

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