Friday, September 10, 2010

September babies and A-ha... and ink and BR and whatnot -like customizable music vids-

Congrats are in order for new mums Nerina Pallot and Emiliana Torrini, as both of them gave birth to boys this week!.

If that wasn't work enough, Emiliana's releasing a cd next month and Nerina has a cd recording in progress...a hell of a lot of energy they're gonna need...
Actually both of them have written songs for Kylie Minogue, hmm.
Have never had the chance to see Nerina live unfortunately but have been following her live broadcast "I don't want to go out" sessions which she does so generously for her fans (last one on the 23rd Aug!- she had to interrupt it because of.. stomach ache, ahem -she had not "gone public" with her pregnancy -must have been damn hard to go without telling). I did meet Emiliana briefly some time ago and she's such a lovely, lovely person, she even lent a hand with an old lost cause of mine.
So glad for them, had no idea they were even pregnant!.
In case someone is unfamiliar with the music of either, follow the link for a free download of a song of each from their official websites:
*Nerina: Heidi
*Emiliana: "Birds". Square at top right, bottom (join mailing list)

And this one's not had any babies but she's delivered some most impressive songs:
Other recent deliveries out there included PING, the supposedly ultrafantastic ultimate virtual music Itunes community that turned out to be quite the joke. There I was on its second day snooping around all excited thinking it's bye bye lastfm (nothing personal, it was great at the beginning, not anymore) when I came across the impressive amount of choice of... some 20 artists to follow!!. I couldn't believe it, but yeah, big powers can sc**w just as big -as per this article. Well, we still have Spotify.

On the other side of the spectrum, others are saying goodbye. A-ha are on their farewell tour and yes, I love these guys so I'm sad. Grew up listening to their songs, bought most of their records (I even have this LP my father brought me from a trip to Norway ages ago, with water splash embossed on it, a big treasure at the time, with songs like the wonderful "October") and their music along with many others' surely helped shape my synapses big time. Seems their last song will be "Butterfly, Butterfly (The last hurrah)", and an impressive most adequate song it is too (despite lines like "molecular cries" or" chrisalys dreams waiting on the fifth instar", even the butterfly itself,they always had these "quirky" lines here and there!...they pull it off somehow). A no less emotional video goes with it (I can see wrinkles! almost unheard of in these days video clips, brave, big kiss guys). "25. Very best of A-ha" is released these days.
The other day, serendipitously, I ended up watching an old video mix tape of mine. Guess who, among many others, was in it (actual pics of tv screen lol):

Ah! Post not over yet, this is one of those that start as two lines and end up a manuscript!. Was looking at the list of my recommended blogs and as expected some have sadly disappeared or stopped updating, but left them there just in case, and added a new one that looks promising, bookmarked on a video of a glass of water that's so restrained and good. Was googling for Brooke Waggoner after she popped up on KGRL (another one that sadly seems to be on its way to goodbye, so listen to it while you still can). May I say I have this food colour and egg dye (red yellow blue and green), never used it for food but to pour a few drops on water glasses now and then (don't drink it, yuk), does exactly that, amazing colours.
Post finished 14th Sept (hopefully).
PS One last thing (!). Since I'm writing, it's impossible not to mention that Blonde Redhead just released their new record "Penny Sparkle" , you can already listen to it in full on Spotify- And if you sign up on their website you'll get a free download off it, "Not getting there". Some people already trying to find out about the song's lyrics...not getting there haha (me neither).
Optimistic work, seems, with uplifting song titles like "My plants are dead", "Love or prison", "Everything is wrong" or the said "Not getting there". A beautiful track called "Spain" too, seems to fit. Despite being the optimistic self everybody knows me to be (thinking people can change, that some people are good despite continuous hard evidence against it, that in the end I'll get the hang of life and so on...the usual), I kinda love it.
PS2 This post is starting to be seriously annoying. Every time I'm done, another thing comes my way. OK, last: customizable music videos: never seen any before. You write your name, the recipient's, misc data like favourite food, etc., you upload a couple of pics (Capitol records states that no info will be sold or shared), hit play and there you are. Not exactly my nr 1 song but I was curious and it's a cute result, and an idea with big possibilities. The end?
15th...I keep adding...a propos of the opening theme (and the until now closing one too), found the loveliest also customizable thing on youtube, click here on the "New baby" one. Bound to make any parent smile.

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