Friday, October 9, 2009

Try this free (and great) song

If you're not familiar with Butterfly Boucher, give this one a try. It's from her new just released album and it's available as a FREE download from Rolling Stone (click on this link, then on "complimentary downloads" in the left column).
"Gun for a tongue"

She really deserves way more attention, and hopefully the extensive (and exhausting) US tour she's currently doing will help her build a bigger audience. I missed her when she played at Philly's World cafe earlier in the Spring (was at another concert that night), big bummer.
It's been a while since her first (and most irregular) cd and she seems to have gotten rid of heavy make up in more ways than one, becoming even better. And her worth reading story here.
And this other one of hers, "Keeper", may even be better. Great video too, not official or anything, but great, really captures the strenght she pours into this song.

Also check out Ellemacho, the group she's formed with other 2 musicians, all for fun seems, some great songs too. Unfortunately few people seem to know them.
And...part II: Discovering new music...
is getting harder and harder in Europe, for what I've seen lately. Just like I discovered Butterfly through lastfm radio, that service is not free here anymore (like Spotify in my country), and most of its available full tracks in the US are not so in Europe. Same story with IMEEM, which I 'd listen to so much lately. Pandora's not available here either and even some regular youtube videos are not viewable here because of copyright issues -sigh-. "Listening services" are a whole different story from downloads, I don't think the restrictive path is the one to take, people end up listening to way less new music as it becomes so much more time consuming to find it, but... If the money asked for these services is not something most people can't pay, it involves a change of mentality that's going to be tougher. It's funny that in a country like the US, where people have a culture of paying for radios they listen to (member supported radios like XPN and NPR) just because they want to help (these radios are available to everyone regardless) there's much more liberty when it comes to online music listening. Maybe that should give us Europeans some ideas...

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