Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Melody Gardot at the World Cafe

One of the few that sell out in Philadelphia (her city) as soon as a concert is announced. Pic and setlist of her June show:

She's another one to see live, I have yet to listen to either of her albums in full (ahemm, specially the last album. Read somewhere that the orchestration's excessive, I agree it dilutes things quite a bit), but live she's a different story. And her sense of theatrics is fantastic, always so perfectly put together and taking full control of the stage. But why does she insist on speaking in French???.
The best moment is still by far when she plays "Worrisome heart", that song's atmosphere fills the room to its last bit of space.
Uploaded on youtube a bit of the jazzy cover she did of "My favorite things" that night.
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