Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rufus Wainwright concert in Philadelphia at the Mann Center 08.27.2007

Pls don't reproduce without permission**Rufus Wainwright Tyrolese in Philly

Yesterday night I went to Rufus' Wainwright concert. I have to write a post about it, it was really good. This pic turned out pretty (specially considering my camouflaged camera !!). Doesn't anybody want to hire me? (yes, I wish!!)
And Neko Case was great too.
As a bonus a group called "A fine frenzy" played first. And they are really fantastic. Check this song "Come on come out", loved it. Anyway, her voice sounds way better live.
PS Sept 07. No review, I'm afraid. I'll just write a few notes: the band that plays with Rufus is amazing, and the music he writes gives them space to show off so it was really impressive. Rufus played mostly songs from Release the stars, that record seems to me like a mix of bits of the most impressive classic music, a hangover, the brass section of the movie The party, a touch of The sound of music (tyrolese included), excess and a sprinkle of genius, all mixed and popping out in no particular or predictable order. One of my favourites is "Slideshow".
Rufus is a great singer and showman, so I enjoyed the music, but I also had a great time. By the way, why did people remain seated during the whole concert??? (well, they'd stand to applaud in between songs during the encore, but that's not the same...), and why wasn't the place sold out?, and any curse that in Philadelphia during concerts there will be huge thunderstorms too??

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