Friday, July 27, 2007

Where to buy tickets for the Tower theater Philadelphia

The ticket booth at the Tower Theater only opens the day of the concert (a couple of hours before it starts) if there's still any tickets available, so for all I know you'll have to buy your tickets on the web (well, one other option I've just found out: some Boscov's and Macy's have Ticketmaster in the customer service dpt but you are not given more choices as to the seats than from your own computer, so..).
To get the BEST seats for their face value you'll need a lot of luck or finding out right at the beginning, because, let's face it, there are professionals who systematically manage to buy the best seats and then offer them for resale the same morning they go on sale, and it's hard to beat them (we can try). So look out for these:
1. Most of the bands have a presale through their websites (with a few tickets) a couple of days before going on general sale that are the best option
2.The most usual places to buy tickets for the Tower with total security are Ticketmaster and Live Nation.
And if you've missed option 1 and you were not there first when tickets go on sale at option 2., then you'll have to switch to plan B:
3. Ebay and Craigslist (some of the tickets in both have crazy prices but others are actually very reasonable). A tip, the sooner the better, sometimes the best options are offered soon and are sold sooner.
4. Then there are some websites (some post ads in my blog quite frequently) that have very good seats too and a range of prices, check them out as they may have something that's worth it. I know many people find stubhub particularly useful.
5. I wouldn't wait for the last minute to get bargains if you really want to go, because you risk ending up empty handed (I don't know how, but in the end most of the times people manage to sell the best and therefore most expensive seats . I tracked some at Keane's concert to see what happened, the seats were front row, more than $160 each -5 times the original price- and they had not been sold two days before the concert, but in the end they were gone too!!).
*** And if you're buying tickets through the internet, it would be great if you'd buy them through my site (clicking on the ads or through my Google search in the ads that appear with the results), it will not cost you a single cent more, thxxx!!
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